The elusive Takin

I’m going to Bhutan for 4 nights at the end of August while I’m in Nepal. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and it makes sense to do it now instead of as a special trip; it’s just an hour’s flight from Kathmandu to Paro. Unless you’re an Indian citizen you’re not able to travel independently in Bhutan, so I’ve been in touch with a travel agent who is busily sorting out flights, visa and hotels for me. I am really looking forward to my trip!

The takin is the national animal of Bhutan, and I really hope I get to see one, although that is highly unlikely. According to Wikipedia, the takin, also known as the cattle chamois or gnu goat, is a goat-antelope (sounds like nobody is quite sure WHAT it is!). But one thing I know is that it’s cute, and if I had a garden, if it wasn’t an endangered species, and if Franco probably wouldn’t get annoyed, I would bring a couple back. Not sure I quite like this bit so much though ‘Rather than localised scent glands, the takin has an oily, strong-smelling substance secreted over the whole body’ (Wikipedia). Hmmm, maybe I’ll take a bottle of shower gel with me, just in case I bump into one (literally). Apparently they’re rather tasty, but I couldn’t eat anything that I wanted to hug. Just a photo of the elusive beast would be good…


The Golden Takin (courtesy of Wikipedia)